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Terms & Conditions

Fixed Price Footings Promotion

Conditions of eligibility

Your house may be eligible for our �fixed price footings promotion (Fixed Price Footings) on the terms set out below, and if it is to be built in one of the following Hickinbotham Land estates or master planned communities:

  • The Rise at Victor
  • Barossa Estate at Nuriootpa
  • Coast Estate at Seaford Rise
  • Andrews Farm Playford Alive
  • Blakes Crossing
  • Direk
  • Eyre at Penfield
  • Orleana Waters
  • Lakeside at Andrews Farm
  • The Glades
  • Blakeview Grove
  • Almond Grove at Munno Para

Fixed Price Footings are subject to approval by Construction Services Australia (CSA) at the time of entering the Building Agreement. CSA reserves the right to reject an application for Fixed Price Footings in its discretion. Terms applicable to the Fixed Price Footings If Fixed Price Footings are accepted by CSA, your Building Agreement will incorporate a fixed price for your siteworks and footings. However, any costs associated with any of the following items (excluded items) will not be included in the fixed price for the Fixed Price Footings, and to the extent that costs are incurred in connection with excluded items you will be charged in accordance with the Building Agreement:

  • Sites classified in the construction footing report as �P� sites.
  • Concrete slab engineering requirements including, but not limited to, underpinning, deepened edge beams and screw piles.
  • Concrete piers.
  • Sites requiring above N1 wind.
  • Surplus soil and vegetation removal.
  • Removal of rubbish including, but not limited to, car bodies, dumped soil and demolition material.
  • Sites containing uncontrolled fill.
  • Contaminated or restricted sites.
  • Underground obstructions including, but not limited to, rock, septic tanks or other below ground storage systems.
  • Tree removal and/or tree root barriers/protection.
  • Retaining walls and/or garage boundary wall requirements.
  • Council and regulatory requirements including, but not limited to, crossover protection, bushfire protection and salinity areas.
  • Re-establishment surveys by licensed surveyors. Electrical, gas, sewer and water connections greater than what is included in the �Classic Schedule� to the Building Agreement.
  • Driveways, perimeter paths, landscaping, fencing, stormwater, crossover construction or relocation.
  • Sites with greater than 1000mm fall.
  • Sites that step down and/or require split level site works and footings.
  • Workplace health and safety and other regulatory health and safety compliance requirements, including but not limited to fall protection, traffic management/tight and difficult site access.
  • Sites with uncontrolled traffic.

Fixed Price Footings are available on all eligible contracts signed on or after 1 August 2013 and prior to 31 August 2013 (unless withdrawn earlier).


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