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Meet the people behind our success

Amit Gautam
Parafield Gardens
Bradley Foster
Barossa - Nuriootpa
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Lightsview - Northgate
Jing Li
Blakes Crossing - Blakeview
John Shigrov
St Clair - Woodville
Karen Maria
Aston Hills - Mount Barker
Kimberly Albers
Eyre - Penfield
Kirsty Quinn
Vista - Seaford Heights
Kristen Williams
Virginia Grove - Virginia
Mario Carbone
Bluestone - Mt Barker
Simon McLean
Freeling Estate - Freeling
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Playford Alive - Munno Para
Troy Williams
The Rise - Hayborough

Nathan Hyland, Hyland Constructions


Nathan has been working as a carpenter for 16 years and the last nine year have been with Hickinbotham. Nathan has a real passion for carpentry and being able to work outdoors in the fabulous South Australian sunshine makes it even sweeter. Building great homes for people is very satisfying and moving between different worksites on a new job every few days keeps things interesting. 

It's not really a repetitive job, every house is different - it's something new every day. My key to success is caring about what I do and being very organised, you could say I'm a bit pedantic too!
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BradLindsay OurSubContractors Smaller

Brad Lindsay, Bricklayer


Brad has been a brickie for 25 years and has been working with Hickinbotham for over 10 years. Brad loves his job, finding it extremely satisfying seeing a house come together from the ground up. It's solid and stable and there's always regular work from Hickinbotham. Brad prides himself on being very careful and paying attention to detail. Getting it right is very important to him. Whilst he has many years of experience, he still believes that you never stop learning and that there's always room for improvement. 

I care about the quality of my work, I want the client to be happy with their new home. I try to be really neat too because it's hard to rectify any issues down the track."


Matt Spurling, New Form Concrete


Matt has been working as a concreter for over 15 years and loves being able to work outdoors and using his hands. It is physically challenging and keeps Matt reasonably fit which is appealing to him. Matt has always enjoyed concreting and could not picture himself doing anything else!

I have been working with Hickinbotham for about four years so far and hopefully for a very long time to come! The best thing about working for Hickinbotham is the job satisfaction that I get from seeing a great end result from all the hard work that goes into laying a good foundation. I am a true perfectionist!
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Ilona and Denes Bodjo, Painters


Husband and wife team Ilona and Denes love painting as much as they love each other. They have a lot of fun working together, providing each other with mutual support. The satisfaction of seeing the end result of a hard days work is also much of the reason why they love it so much. Their meticulous nature, which they insist is necessary if you're a painter and their strong attention to detail is the very reason why work keeps flowing in. They've worked with Hickinbotham for over eight years now and enjoy being part of the team.

The supervisors are great, they always take good care of us and they are so organised. They show genuine care for their clients.



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